Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trokosi as modern-day slavery in Africa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Trokosi as modern-day slavery in Africa - Essay Example It is taking recognition for work that is wholly theres (Dayton University). Scholars who rely on their understanding show that they are ready to work dishonesty around work. Students who do not follow academic uprightness of the establishment realize this either through; dishonest collaboration, plagiarism, deceitful aid, enticement and intimidating conduct and should be reported to the penal team of honor codes center in the school. All universities have a code of conduct that students need to observe (Stenford University). Academic honesty is one the kindest. Infringements involve activities such as; cheating, plagiarism, and presenting unauthorized work. These actions are punishable not only in learning institutions, but also in the corporate world (Boston College). Corrective measures are restored and violators are at risk of being shown the wrath. Some of these disciplinary measures include, expulsion, grade disqualification, detention, restitution, above from accessing school facilities and referral to the counselling department among others (Boston College, Cornell University and Dayton University). An experience in the composition lecturer was overwhelming one. An English final exam was to be done with diligence. I was to undertake an exam which was my last chance to prove my worthiness to be given a decent grade. Previously my assessment test had been showing daunting results.

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