Thursday, February 20, 2020

Impact of Technology on Employee Training Research Paper

Impact of Technology on Employee Training - Research Paper Example Technology may include software programs or hardware which get incorporated into organizations. For maximum production, employees need to get trained on the new technology. As organizations invest in new technology, so does employee training become necessary (Daft, 2009). Training and IT departments in organizations get involved with provisioning the employees with the necessary techniques required for handling the technology. Management and stakeholders want to see technology acquired implemented in the organization, and it is therefore, necessary for employees to get trained. This paper will discuss the impact of technology in employee training. Importance of employee training When a firm acquires new technology, it is vital for the company to train its employees to ensure the overall success of the technology getting incorporated. Below are reasons as to why employee training is beneficial to an organization incorporating new technology: Employee training assists in maximizing the potential of the technology. If the employees become aware of using the new technology, they will get to use it to its maximum potential. This will only serve to benefit the organization as there will be increased efficiency (Daft, 2009). Proper training ensures that employees become willing to change and adopt newer ways of the firm’s operation (Kleynhans, 2006). ... If employees get to understand the benefits of the new technology through training, it gets easier to revolutionize the organizations technological needs. Employee training Employees within an organization get trained using various approaches to enlighten them on new technology. Training may get conducted internally or externally. Internal training gets carried out by the IT or training departments within the organization (Cornelius, 2001). External training gets conducted by an external consultant or the supplier of technology. The traditional method of training has always been classroom based. This approach towards training proves to fall short in addressing the challenges raised by the technology introduced in the organization. Class room based training falls short in addressing the personal needs of the training participants. Class room based training takes a holistic approach towards training (Daft, 2009). This traditional method of training does not identify and address individ ual gaps needed by the trainees. It does not explain the perceived benefits to the trainees nor does it take into account the prior knowledge of trainees about the technology. This traditional method of training does not also support maximum knowledge retention among employees as the class room instructions quickly decrease prior to their application in the work environment (Cornelius, 2001). Another training methodology instigated by organizations in incorporating new technology is self learning (Cornelius, 2001). This method involves the employees to learn on the technology by their accord through using it. This method is an ineffective way of training employees. This method is not beneficial to the firm if the technology is to become impacted through the entire organization. This

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